Thoughts are turning toward a sweater…

Happy KnitterSaturday again…

I’ve been thinking about a summer sweater.  In our office at work it’s always so cold (winter, spring, summer or fall – it’s COLD at my desk!) Anyway, like I said I’ve been thinking about a sweater.  My thoughts are drifting toward Accordion  (this would also be a very cute project for niece – as a Christmas present, because if I start soon it might be done by Christmas).  Another sweater I’ve had my eye on for a little while is Cinxia, the thing I like most about this sweater is that there are no buttons and it would be a great throw on sweater.  And running a close second to the Cinxia is the one I have been eyeing for a long while now… the Sitcom Chic sweater – what color couldn’t I make this in and it would be a winner!  With jeans or a skirt, this one I like very much!  I will continue to search and then just jump in I’m sure.  It’s not like I have to knit just one!

Well the wind is really kicking up here and I don’t want to loose anything (if the power goes out) so I’ll sign off for today and get back to my knitting!


One response to “Thoughts are turning toward a sweater…

  1. I like the way you think! I just finished Cinxia and have had Sitcom Chic printed off and in my “to do” pile for months now. I don’t knit socks but otherwise could happily trade patterns with you. 🙂

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