Nodding Violets

Wednesday I finished mom’s socks!  These will make great Birkenstock sandal socks because the pattern goes way down on the toes.

Birthday Socks for Mom

Pattern: Scale Skin Socks  –  Yarn: Lace Wing Sock yarn  –  Colorway: Old Country  –  Rumor has it that The Yarn Corner in Aberdeen is getting some of this yummy yarn in soon!  Again, I can’t say enough great things about this yarn.  546 yards, 125 grams of super soft, super twist, super wash merino wool!

SSS Heel

I made very few changes to this pattern… EOP heel and an experimental toe! 

SS Sock toes 

I’m not sure what you call the toe, it’s a version of a round toe, I kept doing the pattern on the toe until I was at the k3, k2tog repeat, and then I stopped at 12 stitches on each needle and kitchner stitched it closed.  Yes, they were knit on size 1 circulars!  Below is the Hot Cocoa and Hot Cranberry Cider packet that will accompany the socks to mom!

Birthday Gift for Mom

Now I’m on to a new pair of socks.  I started the Roza’s Sock pattern with Socks that Rock lightweight yarn, colorway: Nodding Violets. 

Roza Sock

This is my first time knitting with the Socks that Rock yarn and I do like it very much.  (It’s not Lace Wing – but it’s mighty nice!)  The pattern is in the latest issue of Interweave Knits magazine, it’s the pattern from Grumperina.  I love the fact that it’s a simple 2 row repeat that I can remember and just yak away while knitting, very cool.  The colors in this yarn are beautiful.  This is yarn that I got last summer at the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival.  When I got home with this yarn, I thought “what was I thinking – these aren’t my colors”  But now that I see how the sock is knitting up… I love these colors.  I thought I would make these for a gift, but now I’m thinking my feet might like these very much!

Roza Begins

Yes, this is my giant foot!  It’s hard to see the details of the sock, but they sure feel nice on my foot!  Time to get back to knitting.

2 responses to “Nodding Violets

  1. Hey…girl! Those socks are beautiful! I like the new ones, too. The LaceWing only came in in one color, but the promise was made that the others would follow soon. Your pics are beautiful!

  2. I came across your blog looking for other Roza knitters. I really love the STR that you picked for yours. I want to copy you now, but we can’t get the stuff locally, and I can’t order any yarn anytime soon 😦 The pair I”m working on is in Panda Cotton. It meade me reconsider cotton blend yarn, that’s for sure!

    Your socks are going to be gorgeous!

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