Old Projects are New Again!

First, the cute little sweater I was working on, it’s as done as I’m going to be with it!  It took far longer than I had anticipated.  I thought with it being so little that I would just whip it out in a couple of weekends, and during my lunch breaks finish it up.  Ha! With that said here it is.  I know the collar looks a little odd, but I swear that’s what the pattern called for.  It doesn’t have it’s 3 little buttons on yet.  (This picture was taken at my messy desk at work.)

Easter Egg Sweater

Now I’m on to old projects.  Funny thing about projects… if you leave them alone for long enough and then come back to them, they feel like a new project!  Perfect example is my RPM socks… they’re done! (Thor is wondering why I have a chair in front of his sliding door – well, it’s because the light is better, and you can see the great colors!)

 Thor and RPM Socks

Now I’m back to bobble making to complete my Noni Bobble Bag.  No pictures yet, I’m waiting until I get the one million bobbles made first.

My mom’s birthday socks (that’s what I’m calling her Christmas socks since her birthday is next month, and I hope to have them ready by then!) anyway, they are looking smashing!  I can’t say enough wonderful things about this yarn, it’s soft and lightweight, and yummy!  Pictures to follow after sock one is completed.

Last weekend I spent knitting simple projects that would take very little time and could be completed quickly for me to feel like I’ve accomplished something useful.  I made a flower washcloth out of Sugar’n Cream cotton – from the Weekend Knitting book by Melanie Falick.  (I love this book too!) I made a couple of large ones and then reduced the number of stitches to make small ones.  I made  it out of Sugar’n Cream because I’m going to use them for coasters and the large one is to sit my ice tea pitcher on.


I also attempted to make a cupcake.  I’ve seen several of these and thought they were cute, so I thought I would use some of my leftovers to make one for a friend.  Well… mine turned out to look a little like a toadstool.  I sewed the top on and it looked wrong so I sewed it again and again, each time just a little differently.  Soon it was looking like it was way over stuffed!  The nice things I have to say about it… it’s soft, it’s made in nice colors, and it makes a great stress ball!  I hope she will like it anyway.  I’ll try again one of these days.


 Cute Cupcake Bottom



Bob, our neighborhood raccoon came around this afternoon begging for food.  We call him Bob because he doesn’t have a tail.  Our dogs Thor and Cassie just watched him watching us.  I have a strict “no feeding” rule (that my husband can’t live with, because he is always giving him graham crackers and dog food.) anyway, Bob comes back and naps on our back deck all the time.  Sometimes in the summer he’ll just nap at the end of our dock.  He is very cute, and fun to watch.

Thor & Bob

Cassie & Bob

I love my dogs… so I must post just one more of Thor – He’s laying on the loveseat, on a pillow, behind his dad’s head, with his chin resting on a table.  He’s such a cutie!

Thor Resting

Ok, I’m still getting used to this new blog, and I’m having a heck of a time getting things to go where I want them to go.  I’ll keep trying!

Until later, happy knitting!

2 responses to “Old Projects are New Again!

  1. The sweater is just TOO adorable! And the RPM socks are great, isn’t that a fun pattern?
    I bet the dogs just go crazy with the racoon so close? I love the closeup through the window!

  2. Hey….guess who! The friend LOVES the cupcake and the washcloth out of sugar n creme. She also loves you! 🙂

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